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Business cards & gift certificate design

Do you want something special, completely unique and give current and future clients a reason to keep your business card and always proudly show it to others? You are in the right place!

Dizajn posjetnica - Kuća za odmor LAVANDA
Business card design with an original watercolor pattern - Holiday house LAVANDA

Each design I create is unique, and most often contains elements made using the technique of digital illustration and vectorization, or original hand-painted watercolors, which gives a special emotional value.

B Creative Art - Dizajn posjetnica
B Creative Art - Business card design

The most frequently ordered design is a business card, closely followed by gift cards.

B Creative Art - Dizajn poklon kartica
B Creative Art - Gift certificate design

Did you know that you can order the design of additional marketing materials such as business cards and gift vouchers or labels for your product even if you don't have a logo?

The logo is always the best starting point when developing further design and identity for your brand, but if you are not yet ready for that step or for any reason you do not have or do not want a logo, you can always order only an individual design of individual promotional materials.

Dizajn posjetnica - Frizerski salon Sensual
Business card design with original watercolor pattern - Hair salon Sensual

Graphic preparation for printing is always included in the design of all promotional materials that go to print, and you can choose whether you want to organize the printing yourself or you can leave it entirely to my organization.

Dizajn posjetnica
Business card design - Inspiracija

Of course, we can make any additional design if you already have a ready-made logo, made by me or someone else.

Dizajn poklon bonova
Gift certificate design - Lurh Beauty Lounge
Dizajn kartica
Certificate design - Light Mi Design
Dizajn poklon kartica
Gift certificate design - Dogtopia

Do you need new business cards or gift vouchers?

Get in touch today already for a no-obligation email offer at

Dizajn posjetnica s original akvarel uzorkom - Strode Design Studios
Business card design with original watercolor pattern - Strode Design Studios


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