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Logo design and visual identity - Jezična učionica

Logo design and visual identity for Jezična učionica - Virtual teaching of foreign languages. The language classroom helps adults to (independently) master the German and Russian languages. Main guidelines for the logo: MODERN | PLAYFUL | VIRTUAL | VIBRANT. The aim of the logo is to achieve a positive feeling of a safe place where clients will receive a service fully adapted to their needs.

Logo dizajn - Jezična učionica
Logo design - Jezična učionica
Logo dizajn i vizualni identitet - Jezična učionica

Simple, unique, functional and very broad potential are the main characteristics of the logo. The typography is very clean, uniform, stable, legible. The rounded edges give it a special effect and a sense of comfort.

Logo dizajn i vizualni identitet - Jezična učionica
Logo dizajn - Jezična učionica

The logo sign is abstract at first, but it was created by combining the letters J and U and the same typography, and by duplicating and rotating the newly created shape. The shapes fit together almost like a puzzle and carry the conveyed meaning of personal development and learning that we achieve by learning new languages. The playfulness of the colors is balanced by the black name, and although the sign is a bit asymmetrical, the logo as a whole is stable, solid and easily recognizable.

Logo dizajn - Jezična učionica

The main color of the visual identity is purple, the least represented in the logo itself and perfect for other applications and materials. When the logo is used on a purple background, the purple part of the sign is replaced by white, as well as the text, which is in white. The purple part remains for the black background, but the sign itself gets a small white border to make the colors stand out against the dark background.

The accompanying visual identity is very fun and interesting using 4 colors from the sign, combined in lines with colorful details.

Klijent: Jezična učionica

Dizajn: Ana Šparavec, Strode Design Studios

Godina: 2023.


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