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Lu Beauty Concept visual identity

Logo and visual identity design for Lu Beauty Concept beauty studio.

The goal of the visual identity for Lu Beauty Concept was to achieve minimalism, elegance and a unique feeling of beauty, just like going to a treatment in a beauty studio.

The colors are pastel earth tones, popularly called 'nude' shades in the beauty world that subtly emphasize natural beauty.

The simplicity of the design with curved lines reminiscent of the ink eyeliner combined with serif typography and empty space create an elegant visual identity for the Lu Beauty Concept beauty studio.

Accompanying marketing materials created for Lu Beauty Concept are business cards and gift cards. Both designs are in line with the brand, soft, natural colors with clear and essential information that provide answers to the first potential questions of clients.

Client: Lu Beauty Concept

Design: Ana Šparavec, Strode Design Studios

Year: 2023


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