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Visual identity - Dogtopia salon for pets

Logo and visual identity design for Dogtopia pet salon.

Dogtopia logo with a retro effect and a unique detail of the husky illustration.

Foto: Dogtopia Facebook page

The logo can be used as just business name, in combination with an illustration / sign, only a sign, and with a business description. It is always advisable to have at least one variation of the logo with a description of the business in order to give potential clients the first most important information - what your business does.

Dogtopia - gift cards
Dogtopia - visual identity
Dogtopia - visual identity
Dogtopia - visual identity
Dogtopia - flyers
Dogtopia - flyers

Client: Dogtopia salon za kućne ljubimce

Design: Ana Šparavec, Strode Design Studios

Year: 2021


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