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Family illustration - perfect gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas?

Digital family illustrations are ideal and unique present to warm the hearts of your friends and family.

Illustrations are made digitally by your photos and wishes. It's a wonderful memory for any occasion.

The most special projects are family illustrations where I paint in the people who unfortunately are not longer with us. That way the family and friends get the opportunity to have their loved ones in special occasions like weddings, graduations, birthdays or just regular everyday situations. I'm honored to be able to contribute and make one of a kind memory for anyone who receives the illustration.

Photos can be separate and I will digitally make a composition for everyone to be together. Every portrait on this page is composed of at least 2-3 photos.

Due to respecting privacy of my clients and the delicate nature of these illustrations, I rarely post or promote them. I would like to say thanks to all of the people who gave me an approval to post these illustrations on my website.

If you are interested for family illustration which you can gift to yourself or your loved ones for Christmas, or any other occasion, you can email me on: or send me a message on social media.

Orders for December are being closed with December 15th. Delivery is digital file only – no physical item will be sent or mailed.

Thank you,

Ana <3


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