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Happy 2nd birthday Strode Design Studios!

Today is the 2nd birthday of my small design and illustration studio.

When I opened my business, 2 years seemed like a distant future, but they passed in an instant. I didn't have many plans when I started, but I had many wishes, ideas and visions for Strode Studios. The vision was clear, creativity. Creativity is one of the most important characteristics of business. It brings the creation of new ideas and finds ways to solve problems.

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.

—Bruce Garrabrandt

I knew I wanted to create. I didn't even dream what kind of development awaited me, how many great projects and wonderful collaborations I would achieve. How many wonderful people I will meet. There were difficult days, I know that there are more of them waiting for me, but they are not even closely comparable with beautiful moments, to every positive feedback and words of support you send me. I still have a lot of ideas and wishes for the future and I'm excited to see what's in store for me. A lot has changed, developed, but one thing has remained the same, and that is my guiding principle 'Work hard, be kind and great things will happen.'

Thank you to everyone for your support, projects and collaborations - from the smallest to the largest, for every like, comment, recommendation. It wouldn't be possible without you. As a small thank you, I'm giving you a free 'happy b-day' card to print at home.

This card is free for everyone - you don't have to subscribe to the newsletter :)

Download it here:

Download PDF • 2.74MB

Do you need a graphic design service or custom illustration?

Visit contact page and ask me for more information :)

Graphic design services:

​∙ logo design

​∙ visual identity

∙ business card design

∙ design of promotional materials

∙ brand style guide

∙ design of leaflets, brochures

∙ books and catalog design

∙ other graphic services

Illustration services:

​∙ digital illustrations

∙ family illustrations

∙ custom illustrations

∙ watercolor illustrations

∙ illustrations based on photographs

∙ other illustration services


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